Salon in a Bottle

Salon in a Bottle

Jacques and Kara Soufer, creators of Salon in a Bottle and owners of Parvaneh Beauty Center in Beverly Hills, California. For years we had heard the frustration of our customers who couldn't find a satisfying solution to cover their gray roots between salon visits.

We created Salon in a Bottle to meet their needs. After three years in product development, we emerged with a root concealer spray that covers gray roots in seconds - one that has sheen and nuance, with a light and natural feel.

Salon in a Bottle has none of the messy, sticky, flakiness of other root concealers. Spray Away Your Gray with Salon in a Bottle.

Try it...we're sure you'll love what it does for your hair!

Salon in a Bottle

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The Salon in a Bottle precise airbrush nozzle expertly covers gray roots in just seconds with a nutrient-rich formula containing vitamin E, chamomile and green tea extracts. The long- lasting color is waterproof(swim-proof), smudge-proof and remains in place until your next shampoo.

What Women Are Saying

Salon in a Bottle is a quick and elegant solution to a problem millions of women deal with: unattractive root growth in between salon visits. Our customers are passionate about this little blue bottle and we think you will be too!